Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Rowley

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Volunteer Spotlight

Sandy Rowley

How long have you been volunteering at St Madeleine Sophie’s Center?

I have been volunteering with SMSC for about a year now.  I started out in ADC and I am now doing a Book Club at the Rancho San Diego library for the ADC students.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

I became a volunteer because I have a daughter with special needs and I knew there was a need for extra help in the adult programs.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering here?

I think my favorite thing about volunteering with SMSC is interacting with and getting to know the students who come to Book Club.  I love it when I’m reading a story and I ask them a question and they totally know the answer.  I also love it when they rate the books at the end of a story and they give it 5 out of 5 stars!  And, of course, it never hurts at the end of a Book Club when they thank me and tell me they love me!

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