Volunteer Spotlight: Patricia Wahle

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Volunteer Spotlight

Patricia Wahle

How long have you been volunteering at St Madeleine Sophie’s Center?

I came aboard in August this year.  I first heard about SMSC while visiting Sophie’s Gallery in Kensington for the first time a couple of months earlier, and knew I had to check it out!

Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

I decided to become a volunteer after I toured the main campus and Sophie’s Gallery.  Erica gave me a lot of great information on the tour and she was totally enthusiastic about SMSC. But it was the students and participants who came up to introduce themselves that just got to my heart. They were the reason I decided to volunteer. I just had to know more about these unbelievably wonderful people! There was such a positive vibe, a joyfulness, and a special spirit everywhere – the intention to be friendly and kind and a willingness to do their best. Why wouldn’t someone want to volunteer here? I call SMSC my “HAPPY” place.

What are your favorite things about volunteering?

My 2 favorite things about volunteering at SMSC are getting to know the amazingly dedicated staff, and getting to know and assist the wonderful students. I have trouble remembering everyone’s name, but everybody is happy to remind me and they are so, so, kind and friendly. I know that I am learning and experiencing so much through helping the students – much more than I am contributing for sure!

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