Supported Employment services are aimed at finding competitive work in a community integrated work setting for persons with Intellectual &/or developmental disabilities who need ongoing support services to learn and perform the work. Supported Employment placements can be individual placements, group placements (called enclaves), or work crews, such as landscaping crews. Support is usually provided by a job coach who meets regularly with the individual on the job to help him or her learn the necessary skills and behaviors to work independently. As the individual gains mastery of the job, the support services are gradually phased out.

Program Participants interested in working in Supported Employment Individual Placement services are provided with vocational counseling to assist them in making important decisions about working independently.

These services consist of assessment, job development, placement, job coaching, individualized vocational skills training and other support services as needed at a job coach to consumer ratio of one-to-one.

The Supported Employment Program is a recipient of the highest quality rating from the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).