SMSC’s Self Advocacy Gives Back

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As many are already aware, St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center was established in 1966 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart, who have touched the lives of many in 41 countries.
Recently, St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center had the opportunity to connect to a   group in Kenya – St. Madeleine Sophie Home and Educational Centre. Their focus is similar to ours, as their “program empowers persons with special needs to believe in themselves, develop their gifts, and manage what independence is possible for them within a supportive environment.”
In November of last year, the Center received a letter from
Sr. Becky Loukae, RSCJ — the SMS (Kenya) Center Director — requesting a donation for Tuition Aid for residential students at their Centre. The letter had barely been opened before SMSC’s Self Advocacy Group responded.
As part of their philanthropic efforts, the SMSC’s Self Advocacy Group raises money annually for other non-profit organizations in San Diego County. After a brief discussion, the SMSC Self Advocacy Group voted to raise money that would benefit SMSC’s sister organization in Kenya.
Last month, the Self Advocacy officers presented a check to Sr. Irene Cullen, RSCJ on behalf of the Kenya Centre in the amount of $1,200 to support tuition for four residential students of St. Madeleine Sophie Home and Education Centrein Kenya.

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