St. Madeleine’s Behavior Modification Program is specially designed for consumers with higher level behavioral challenges.

The purpose of this program — which is offered on a consumer-to-staff ratio of 1:3 — is to increase consumers’ level of independence, and decrease their level of behaviors, while they are involved in work and other meaningful activities.  Our goal is to improve each individual’s quality of life.  We do this by minimizing the level of individual behaviors and modeling how to self-manage their challenges with the support of staff (as needed).   We “target” behaviors on a daily basis so that each individual can learn how to self-manage and cope with a variety of situations and environments. The program requires a 1:3 ratio in order to ensure the safety of each participant, and to provide adequate training and assistance.  We also have two Behavior Consultants who help our staff increase their understanding of the function of the behavior and assist consumers with communicating their needs effectively.  Once a consumer is able to successfully meet the goals identified in his or her Behavior/Individual Service Plan, they will be encouraged to transition to one of our less restrictive programs.