The goal of the Adult Development Center program is to offer a variety of opportunities, which aim at increasing the level of independence, as well as improve the overall “quality of life” for those we serve.

We believe that each consumer is a unique individual with personal interests, aptitudes and skills.  Each must be supported and instructed in the living skills area that best suit their wants and needs.  This includes a special focus on vocational/work training as an important part of the skills training.

The ADC Program works to the benefit of each program participant by providing program choice, improved quality of life, community integration, freedom and choice of activity.  Each participant has the opportunity to participate and interact in age-appropriate activities which will occur in natural environments.  The program is designed to focus on providing a functional curriculum through innovative programming that includes:

  • A focus on the development and maintenance of functional skills required for community integration, work training and self-care. Consumers will typically be in the community 10-14 hours per week.
  • Sustained support and direction in a 1:4 ratio so each individual has the best opportunity to attain their desired maximum level of independence.
  • Enhancing each person’s own interests and individual potential in all areas of their lives.
  • Providing equal access to community environments and integrated employment services.

The ADC program is designed to assist consumers in making age‑appropriate choices in selecting recreational and leisure activities in the community, with the goal of developing natural relationships for support; i.e. exercise classes, library visits, bowling, museums and galleries, and art classes, as well as seasonal and other activities that meet other interests and preferences.

The ADC program plans to offer up to 100 full-time openings for consumers where they will attend five-days-per-week.  The ADC program requires a 1:4 ratio (one program instructor to four consumers). During community activities, the staff-to-consumer ratio required is 1:4 (one program instructor to four consumers). However, if needed, the ratio could be 1:3 to ensure safety and adequate supervision.