St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center provides programs to adults who have developmental disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. While there are no cures for developmental disabilities, people with these cognitive disorders can still achieve personal and professional fulfillment.  It is our mission at SMSC to educate and empower individuals with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential.

Activity Center

SMSC has been committed to the empowerment of people with developmental disabilities since l966.  The underlying philosophy of the Activity Center (AC) program mirrors this commitment by providing the highest quality training to the individuals we serve.  The goal of SMSC’s Activity Center is the continued growth and strengthening of programs that are committed to this philosophy. We believe that each consumer is a unique individual with personal interests and aptitudes.  Each must be supported and instructed in the living skills area that ideally suits her/his wants and needs.  This includes specialized focus on vocational preparation as an… Learn More>

Adult Development Center

adc2The goal of the Adult Development Center program is to offer a variety of opportunities, which aim at increasing the level of independence, as well as improve the overall “quality of life” for those we serve.  We believe that each consumer is a unique individual with personal interests, aptitudes and skills.  Each must be supported and instructed in the living skills area that best suit their wants and needs.  This includes a special focus on vocational/work training as an important part of the skills training. The ADC Program works to the benefit of each program participant by providing… Learn More>

Behavior Modification Program

behavior_mod4St. Madeleine’s Behavior Modification Program is specially designed for consumers with higher level behavioral challenges.  The purpose of this program — which is offered on a consumer-to-staff ratio of 1:3 — is to increase consumers’ level of independence, and decrease their level of behaviors, while they are involved in work and other meaningful activities.  Our goal is to improve each individual’s quality of life.  We do this by minimizing the level of individual behaviors and modeling how to self-manage their challenges with the support of staff (as needed).   We “target” behaviors on a daily basis so that each… Learn More>

Senior Program
SMSC was the first organization in San Diego County to offer retirement-oriented programming to senior-age adults with developmental disabilities. This program is open to those who have reached a minimum age of 50 years. Our primary focus is the promotion of an environment that is conducive to the discovery of recreational alternatives, the improvement of an individual’s leisure skills, and enhancement of the retirement experience for our senior population. Recreational alternatives and community integration is emphasized through self-determined choices and specifically-tailored experiences aimed at the senior-age individual. Seniors who are part of the program are offered the option… Learn More>

Within these programs, St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center also has various Specializations that enrich our students experience. Read about them here.