I Want to be a Star

As early as eight years old, Bryce Johnson loved to sing, dance, and perform.

Born with a developmental disability, this challenge did not stop Bryce in his pursuit to participate in the world of the performing arts. While attending Valhalla High School in El Cajon, Bryce joined Arms Wide Open with Rubio’s Dance Studio where he has been performing for four years. Learning about our dance and music programs from a friend, Bryce joined St. Madeleine’s and the St. Madeleine’s singers and dance troupe in 2013.

Dance and music are just two of the unique programs offered at St. Madeleine’s. These programs have been part of the SMSC curriculum for several years because they facilitate social interaction, emotional development, and self-expression. Additionally, music stimulates the senses and can help improve a person’s self-confidence, memory, and overall mental health. Music is even more beneficial when paired with dance as it implements a physical component that enhances movement and motor skills.

St. Madeleine’s has recently engaged in a new program for SMSC students involving dance, music and the performing arts. Partnering with Rubio’s Dance Studio, Arms Wide Open, and Christian Youth Theatre (CYT), St. Madeleine’s has established a new performing arts program offering our students a variety of new learning opportunities.

This new program is a series of 8-week musical theatre workshops where students attend classes twice a week, learning songs and dances to popular shows such as The Lion King, Grease, and The Wizard of Oz. Each 8-week course culminates in a professional performance by the students.

We are inviting YOU to support this important opportunity that benefits Bryce and other students at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center.

Over 100 students are interested in the musical theatre program (25% of SMSC students). However, due to limited funding, only 40 students are currently enrolled.

Since this program is vital to the growth, development and overall well-being of our adult students with developmental disabilities, St. Madeleine’s wants to include all interested students in the program AND continue these workshops throughout the year.

YOUR support is essential to Bryce and the other students who benefit from the Performing Arts Program. Although no gift is too small, please consider making a gift of $150 or more to help us reach our goal of $24,000 for St. Madeleine’s new Performing Arts Program year round.SMSC Dance Performance Morning Glory Brunch 2014

ð       $150 supports 1 student for an 8-week session

ð       $750 supports 5 students for an 8-week session

ð       $1,500 supports 10 students for an 8-week session

ð       $3,000 supports 20 students for an 8-week session

ð       $6,000 supports 40 students for an 8-week session

ð       $24,000 supports the Performing Arts Program for a full year!

Furthermore, as a special Thank YOU for making a generous gift to this valuable program, you will be invited as a special guest to SMSC students’ first performance of Grease – a heartwarming production you won’t want to miss!

Thank you in advance for supporting Bryce and other students at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center!Fashion Show 2013_Bryce

With warm regards,                                                   Gratefully,

Debra Emerson, MBA                                                 Bryce Johnson

Chief Executive Officer                                               SMSC Student and Future Star


Your tax-deductible gift will help write a happy ending for the performing artists at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center. Please send in your gift today. To make a secure and easy donation online, click here or visit www.stmsc.org.





Give BIG on Tuesday, May 6 to help St. Madeleine’s support over 400 adults with development disabilities!

To give BIG today click here: http://www.givebigsandiego.org/#npo/st-madeleine-sophies-center 

give big







St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center is honored to participate in giveBIG San Diego 2014.

On Tuesday, May 6, we will be partnering with The San Diego Foundation to recognize and support the positive work of 300 + nonprofits in the San Diego community.

GiveBIG is an online networking and giving event where nonprofits have the opportunity to gain exposure while bringing people in the San Diego region together to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in a time-sensitive period. For detailed information on giveBIG CLICK HERE.

 Here’s how the event will work:

From midnight – 11:59 p.m. PST on Tuesday, May 6, the public will be able to make donations on our customized giveBIG event webpage: http://www.givebigsandiego.org/#npo/st-madeleine-sophies-center

Donors choose their donation amount, with a minimum gift starting at $25.

There is no limit as to how much a donor may give to a nonprofit, but only the first $1,000 of every gift will be counted towards incentive pool funds.

The San Diego Foundation and other sponsors have committed $200,000 to incentivize giving during this event, so that nonprofits will receive a proportion of this pool based on how much money they raise during the event. For example, if St. Madeleine’s raises 5% of the total amount raised during the event, St. Madeleine’s will receive 5% of the incentive pool.

GiveBIG is a great way to increase the value of your donation. Every dollar raised helps St. Madeleine’s to continue to provide quality, unique day programs and services to over 400 adults with developmental disabilities year round.

 Please support St. Madeleine’s by participating in giveBIG on Tuesday, May 6!


St. Madeleine’s Organic Garden on KPBS TV

Follow the link below to view our students and staff in the garden featured for the KPBS television episode, “A Growing Passion; Growing Dreams and Memories”

Aired: 2/27/2014

“Gardens beautify, they feed, they serve as habitat for animals, and they do more.  Some gardens become places that heal bodies and souls or inspire new beginnings.  Such is the case with the locations we visit in this episode.” -KPBS


St. Madeleine’s portion starts at 17:45…

LOVE is…. Sophie’s Kensington Gallery Reception


LOVE is…. Sophie’s Kensington Gallery Reception

Saturday, April 5, 5-8 PM

4186 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116 

LOVE is… a circle of strength, a mother and her daughter connected through the arts, one a paint- er and the other a poet. Join us in celebrating this collaborative show of abstract paintings by Julie Weaverling and the  poetry of her daughter Elizabeth Weaverling. A long time friend and supporter of Sophie’s Gallery, Julie is the Assisant Director of  the Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad.  Elizabeth is a public speaker with Down syndrome who is a spokesperson for Special Olympics in San Diego’s north county. Sister, Alexandra Weaverling and fellow musician Ryan Fox will provide mellow acoustic music at their public reception.LOVE is… a circle of strength, a mother and her daughter connected through the arts, one a paint- er and the other a poet. Join us in celebrating this collaborative show of abstract paintings by Julie Weaverling and the  poetry of her daughter Elizabeth We

LOVE is…. Sophie’s Kensington Gallery Reception

Saturday, April 5, 5-8 PM

4186 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Open: Tuesday 12-5 PM Wednesday – Saturday 12-7 PM

Closed Sunday & Monday

For further information call 619-534-8120 or 619-593-2205

sophiesgallery@stmsc.org www.stmsc.org / www.KensingtonGallery.org

Volunteers are painting a bright future…

In December, Lea Davis, the Human Resources Manager at Triumph Fabrications-San Diego reached out to St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center (SMSC). Triumph Fabrications is a local manufacturer of complex aerospace components.  Mrs. Davis explained that Triumph Group, Inc. encourages each of their individual companies to contribute to and support their local communities. This year, SMSC was chosen as the beneficiary of the Triumph Fabrications – San Diego’s service project.

When asked how St. Madeleine’s was chosen, Mrs. Davis explained that SMSC was nominated by one of Triumph Fabrications – San Diego’s employees and Mrs. Davis said she often sees our buses around her neighborhood picking up students.  After touring the Center, Triumph Fabrications – San Diego’s Community Project Assessment Team selected several projects that would enhance the campus for our students. The first was to repaint our multipurpose room.

On February 8th, twelve Triumph Fabrications staff arrived at 7:00 am with all the equipment and skills necessary to repaint our 2,700 square foot multipurpose space. In less than 5 hours, the entire project was completed; this included the walls washed, tape along the door way removed, and furniture returned to its area.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Triumph Fabrications- San Diego team and to Mrs. Davis for her efforts in coordinating this event.  Their generous gift of staff time, talent, and materials saved St. Madeleine’s thousands of dollars and that was just the beginning. The group expects to return this month to start beautifying a garden space that will include a water fountain and pergola.

If you have any interest in volunteering, or know of someone who might want to volunteer his/her time to complete a project at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, please contact Jessica Dolliver, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at jdolliver@stmsc.org or 619-442-5129 ext. 333.

TriumphVolunteerPainters                                         TriumphVolunteersPainting