Volunteer Spotlight: Fermin Vasquez



How long have you been a volunteer at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center?

I have been volunteering at SMSC for just a few weeks now, but it has been such a great experience!

Why did you decide to become an intern at SMSC ?

I decided to intern at SMSC because I am going to school to become a Social Worker and this is perfect place to volunteer. I am thankful for this awesome opportunity.

What are your favorite thing about volunteering?

My favorite thing about SMSC so far is that everyone, both staff and students are so welcoming. This has made me feel that I have chosen a great place to volunteer at. I always have students coming up to me to introduce themselves, ask me my name and how my day is.

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Rowley

Volunteer Spotlight

Sandy Rowley

How long have you been volunteering at St Madeleine Sophie’s Center?

I have been volunteering with SMSC for about a year now.  I started out in ADC and I am now doing a Book Club at the Rancho San Diego library for the ADC students.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

I became a volunteer because I have a daughter with special needs and I knew there was a need for extra help in the adult programs.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering here?

I think my favorite thing about volunteering with SMSC is interacting with and getting to know the students who come to Book Club.  I love it when I’m reading a story and I ask them a question and they totally know the answer.  I also love it when they rate the books at the end of a story and they give it 5 out of 5 stars!  And, of course, it never hurts at the end of a Book Club when they thank me and tell me they love me!