SMSC’s Work Activity Program (Career Paths) is a community-based program that serves adults with developmental disabilities who are in the process of acquiring vocational skills, and generally need support and direction in obtaining and retaining employment.

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The program focuses on helping each individual to:

  • determine career interests
  • develop and maintain vocational skills, aptitude and self-efficacy
  • obtain long-term, competitive employment that meets each individual’s specific needs;
  • develop a career plan that utilizes the individual’s talents.

We also offer a Supported Employment Program (Individual Placements are now full).   This program is committed to providing quality employment services that include job coaching for individual and group placements and career counseling. It provides a variety of vocational services to individuals with disabilities who are committed to pursuing work on a regular and on-going basis. The focus of the program is to assist individuals in attaining and maintaining competitive employment. The Supported Employment Program is funded through the Department of Rehabilitation and through contracts with local business and private donations. The Supported Employment Program is a recipient of the highest quality rating from the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). As part of Supported Employment, we have contracts that provide work opportunities both for students working on our campus and in the community, including: mail preparation; landscaping; and janitorial services.

For information about our Work Activity Program and our Supported Employment Program, contact Melissa Robertson at 619-442-5129, ext. 353 or email Rose Mason.